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Friday, January 2, 2009

Was this the retro trainwreck that inspired the NBC abomination known as "Rosie Live!"?!?

Feel polyester shame no more, America. Break out your disco ball and get ready to shoot glitter out of your ass.

Finally, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour story can be told.

I'm proud to announce that my friend, LA-based writer Ted Nichelson, is co-authoring a Brady Variety Hour book with none other than Cindy Brady herself, pop culture hipster Susan Olsen. Their book, set for release in September, will tell all about the Bradys and their shocking variety show misadventures. I promise it'll be an entertaining must-read for Brady fans and "enquiring minds" alike. Really, who isn't dying to know what drug-induced hallucinations were responsible for this sequin-soaked prime time nightmare--which featured the Bradys doing the Hustle with a confetti-mad Rip Taylor in the wings while synchronized swimmers dicked around in an Olympic-size swimming pool mere feet away?

Official Brady Variety Hour book press release:

Also, I must acknowledge that today, Jan. 2, is Fake Jan Day. Check out the following links and embrace your inner, angst-ridden middle child (who, in the variety hour, was played not by the brilliant Eve Plumb--the only cast member smart enough to run screaming when offered this gig--but by equally talented actress-singer-turned-pop icon Geri Reischl):

By the way, Geri shares that the cheese ball is the official food of Fake Jan.

Unlike ABC in 1976-77, I can wisely say I'm not touching that.