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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My exclusive Wellbella interview with beautiful "American Horror Story" ★ Alexandra Breckenridge!

Alexandra Breckenridge brings a scary etherealness to her role as the seductive dark side of spooky housekeeper Moira in FX’s new drama series “American Horror Story.” Off set, though, the Connecticut-born actress sustains a much earthier presence. The 29-year-old red-haired beauty, last seen on HBO’s vampire hit “True Blood,” cut her teeth on acting in local theater outside San Francisco at the tender age 12. During those formative, lean years, she also learned how to eat healthy on a budget, thanks to her resourceful mom’s penchant for health-food shopping. The family’s produce-minded frugality paid off: Breckenridge not only saves money and time having organic fruits and veggies delivered to her home, she smartly navigates the snack table on the set to find healthy selections in-between scenes.

Click here for the whole interview!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Retroality's "Reimagine That!" podcast, episode 6! ............................................................ Chris Mann's special guest, "Perfect Strangers" star Bronson Pinchot, on his new DIY show, Balki, Oz & being interNUDE! ALSO house dreams interpreted!

Actor and funnyman Bronson Pinchot reimagines unscripted entertainment by giving his very first INTERNUDE! TV's Balki Bartokomous -- who's back this weekend in the premiere of his new DIY home-restoration series, "The Bronson Pinchot Project" -- goes au naturel in this hysterical interview that exposes his thoughts on everything from reality TV, his love of "Wizard of Oz," overcoming childhood adversity and sharing his "deeply personal and very secret" connection with Balki and "Perfect Strangers" fans. In addition, he shares his creative passion for renovating vintage houses and buildings, and discusses his memorable experience getting a disturbing "house dream" analyzed on Bio's "Celebrity Nightmares Decoded."

Also, Chris gives his assessment of Suzanne Somers' recent reconciliation with Joyce DeWitt -- for more info, see his new Retroality.TV blog post -- and previews his upcoming two-part interview with "Little House on the Prairie" star turned bestselling author and childhood abuse survivor Alison Angrim.

Finally, our resident dream weaver, Yvonne Ryba, interprets some of her fascinating "house dreams" while trying to make sense of Chris's bizarre, circa-early-Eighties dream involving TV's Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow, his front porch and a stampeding bull (!).

Host: Chris Mann

Announcer/"Dance of Joy"-ologist: Linda Kay

Created by: Chris Mann

Producers: Linda Kay, Chris Mann

Copyright 2012 by Chris Mann/Retroality.TV (http://Retroality.TV)