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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Retroality's "Reimagine That!" podcast, episode 9! ............................................................ Chris Mann's special guest, iconic series producer-writer-director Kenneth Johnson, talks "The Bionic Woman," "Hulk," misguided remakes; Davy Jones & Robert Sherman tributes; ALSO, prophetic dreams!

Legendary TV creator-writer-director-producer Kenny Johnson, in the first of an exclusive two-part interview, opens up about his iconic '70s series "The Bionic Woman" and "Incredible Hulk," sharing behind-the-scenes stories and offering candid insights into why others' small-screen and big-screen "reimaginings" of these two franchises failed. The acclaimed and forever-forward-thinking storyteller -- whose 1983 NBC miniseries "V" was also recently rebooted without his involvement and to less-than-steller results -- discusses why heart, humanity and humor were essential in his creations of Jaime Sommers (as embodied by Lindsay Wagner) and David Banner (as personified by the late Bill Bixby), and how all three components were missing in NBC's 2007 "Bionic Woman" reboot and recent CGI-driven "Hulk" motion pictures. Finally, Johnson shares how he got started in television as a director-producer for "The Mike Douglas Show" and game shows (!) and why he parted ways with "The Bionic Woman" when Wagner reached the pinnacle of her celebrity.

Also, "Reimagine That!" announcer and producer Linda Kay shares with Chris some of her fondest memories of late Monkees singer Davy Jones and iconic composer Robert Sherman.

Finally, our dream interpreter Yvonne Ryba analyzes a "mini-series" of prophetic dreams.

Host: Chris Mann

Announcer: Linda Kay

Created by: Chris Mann

Producers: Linda Kay, Chris Mann

Copyright 2012 by Chris Mann/Retroality.TV (http://Retroality.TV)