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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Found! The "other" Far(r)ah Warhol

University of Texas, will you settle for a Shahbanou Farah? We're pretty sure this one isn't hanging over Ryan O'Neal's bed. A little heavy on the blue eyeshadow, but, hey, it was the late '70s.

Retroality's "Reimagine That!" podcast, episode 14! ............................................................ Chris Mann's special guest, Christine Lakin, spills on her new webseries "Lovin' Lakin," growing up on "Step by Step" & opposing Kirk Cameron's anti-gay marriage views; also: pregnancy dream analyzed

The Spoofed Adventures of New Christine ... In this exclusive Retroality.TV interview, "Step by Step" child star Christine Lakin tells all about her new satirical webseries, "Lovin' Lakin" -- premiering July 16 on Hulu and YouTube -- while opening up about her experiences as a '90s teen TV star-turned-versatile, multimedia-savvy performer. (Tweet her @yolakin, @lovinlakin, @worstaudition and @OopsDoughnuts, then like her on Facebook here, here, here and (phew!) here!)

"Lovin' Lakin," a ten-episode mockumentary, casts the 33-year-old star as an egocentric, obnoxious version of herself that clearly couldn't be more removed from the real, laid-back Lakin. The fictional Christine -- unlike her steadily employed originator -- is a onetime child star staging a comeback. Along the way, her former co-stars and famous friends (among them Patrick Duffy, Seth MacFarlane and Kristin Chenoweth) suffer fictional Christine's comic misadventures in relaunching her celebrity. (For more info, check out Christine's terrific new interview with Sitcoms Online news director Pavan Patel here.)

 Lakin shares with "Reimagine That!" host Chris Mann her fond memories of playing Al Lambert, the tomboyish daughter of Duffy and Suzanne Somers in the "Brady Bunch"-esque "Step," which ran from 1991 on 1997 as part of ABC's hugely successful TGIF sitcom lineup. (The series ran for one more season, through spring 1998, on CBS and has remained in syndication ever since.) Lakin is especially lovin' on the paternal Duffy, who she says has remained a cherished fixture in her life.

The go-getter actress explains how her new online series affords her a self-made opportunity to express herself creatively on-camera and behind-the-scenes. She also favorably compares her TV sitcom experiences to her background as a stage actress -- and muses about marrying both in her recent turn as Joanie Cunningham in Garry Marshall's "Happy Days: The Musical." (Lakin, seen most recently on TV in "Melissa and Joey," has also appeared in the Marshall-directed features "Georgia Rule" and "Valentine's Day"; her other feature credits include co-starring with Jamie Lee Curtis in 2010's "You Again" and starring opposite Paris Hilton in 2008's "The Hottie and the Nottie." Up next: reimagining the role of Clarice this fall in the West Coast stage premiere of the darkly comic "Silence! The Musical." [Oh, yeah, folks. We're talking "... of the Lambs!"])

Finally, the ever-spirited Lakin discusses why she chose online cheekiness to underscore her serious commitment to supporting gay marriage by participating in the Funny or Die video "Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron."
Also ... on a somber note, Chris fondly looks back on the celebrities we've lost in 2012 and shares his thoughts on the 50-year friendship that Andy Griffith shared with his co-star Don Knotts.

And finally, "Reimagine That!" dream interpeter Yvonne Ryba offers an in-depth analysis of a client's dream involving pregnancy and creative rebirth.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sitcoms Online gets Janet on the phone (eat your heart out, Chrissy)! An excellent interview with "Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt

Joyce DeWitt and Maurico Perez in a scene from the off-Broadway play Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage. Photo by Jeremy Daniel
Our friend Pavan Patel has done it again! The Sitcoms Online news director and blogger extraordinaire has snagged another exclusive interview with a Three's Company star. This time he offers up Seven Questions with TV's Janet Wood, actress Joyce DeWitt, who's currently starring in the off-Broadway comedy Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage.

In this wide-ranging interview, Pavan gets Joyce to open up for the first time about her 8 Simple Rules sitcom reunion with the late, great John Ritter that, tragically, would never be:
Yes, he and I were in conversations about my doing a guest spot on 8 Simple Rules and in fact they had sent me a script and they had wanted us to play Janet and Jack and do this episode, and I said, "John, you know, it just doesn't feel right, I mean the idea seems really cool but it doesn't feel right, I don't quite know what to say about that." And eventually the wonderful writers of 8 Simple Rules sat down, and reconsidered it and the episode that came out was that his children on the show ended up playing our characters, as he like falls asleep and has a dream and here are his children playing the Three's Company people and it was such a wonderful episode, and the writers were so terrific when they saw both John and I were a little hesitant about the material they had suggested, they went back to the drawing board and came up with a WONDERFUL, wonderful episode, so that was really cool and we were you know in fact talking about, 'what else, how else can we bring you in?' Am I going to be like your sister that comes to visit or whatever but unfortunately time ran out and we didn't get to do it, but we were definitely you know talking about it ...

Pavan also gets Joyce's takes on doing Dancing with the Stars, working with Queen Latifah and replacing Brady Bunch's Jan, actress Eve Plumb, as Miss Abigail. And she chats for the first time about talks to do Broadway and feature film revivals of Three's Company -- prospective projects both connected in recent months with actor James Franco.

Congrats, Pavan. I have a feel that John Ritter is smiling down at you today!