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Saturday, November 8, 2008

'80s Sitcom Siren-Turned-Talk Radio Host on Sarah Palin, Gay Marriage, TV's New "Porn Era"

Retroality Cover Story on "Too Close for Comfort" star (and frequent '80s Aaron Spelling TV guest star)-turned-political blogger and talk radio host Lydia Cornell: www.Retroality.TV , www.Retroality.TV/features.html and www.Retroality.TV/RetroHotLydiaCornell.html

On Sarah Palin:
"(E)lecting Sarah Palin would be like electing William Hung as Vice President. It seems like the message is this: if you look pretty, love guns, kill endangered species, and are against women’s rights —you are fit to be Vice President!"

"I think she takes pride in willful ignorance. That’s different than being dumb; one you are born with—the other is a choice. I can’t sympathize with her because I am horrified at her lies and propaganda about Barack Obama. How unpatriotic to smear a fellow American in such a hateful way! I feel we are in the Salem witch trials, and Palin is judge and jury."

On gay marriage:
"My sister is gay, and she never made a choice, but that’s beside the point. The marriage contract is a private contract between two individuals. How does it hurt anyone to let two souls honor their monogamy by allowing them the dignity of marrige, as other human beings have a right to? Isn’t this in the Bill of Rights? I am heartsick at the bigotry I see in America today. I can’t believe my sister may never have the same rights I have!"

On "belligerant" Ann Coulter and Hollywood's bimbo factory:
"Here is where I agree with Ann Coulter: There are very few parts for women who are not 18, and even fewer parts for black actresses who don’t look like Halle Berry. Hollywood needs to stop manufacturing bimbos for us to worship. As a recovering bimbo, I should know.
But if Coulter thinks liberals are responsible for Britney Spears’ bellybutton taking over our airwaves for the past 5 years, or Paris Hilton’s porn tape on the Internet—she’s been drinking too much Kool-Aid...
Why blame Democrats for what big corporations advertise in magazines, movies and on TV? Who are the culprits selling products that seduce us? I love American capitalism, but at this point it’s over-kill. All this soft-porn immorality comes from free enterprise run amuck. Our system lavishes Paris Hilton with more fame and nightclubs just because she is a 'bad, rich girl.' Isn’t this more dangerous to society than allowing monogamous gays to sanctify their union by getting married?"

On TV's new "porn era" and her cleavage past:
"In the porn era we’re in now, with shows like Gossip Girl and 90210—I think it would be refreshing to see a TV character get shocked at stuff like this and to see a parent actually snoop on their kids like I do. Just kidding, Jack (my son)! I’m not a prude but I’m sick of 9-year-old girls dressing like hookers!
Let me just get this out of the way: I am bitterly sick of cleavage. I’m not spiritually evolved enough to stop dressing like a hooker, but at least I tried on a turtleneck the other day. Somehow wearing death-defying cleavage is supposed to make us more employable or marriageable. And since the only valuable women in our society are teenage, wombless, buttless, mutants — I can’t just quit cold turkey. So I’m in withdrawal from cleavage. I mean you can’t get a job in Hollywood without 'lap dancer' on your resume—and I’m talking about the writers, not the actors."


MAXMIXT said...

Wow, this is an incredible article about my favorite star LYDIA CORNELL!! The most beautiful, brilliant woman of all time.

Thank you for this article. I just discovered it.

MAXMIXT said...

Do you know when her books are coming out? I can't get an answer from her website.

thank you.

CHRIS MANN said...

So glad you liked the story! I don't have a release date for her book, but once I do, I'll share the news!

Larry said...

Just found this after reading the extensive and well written article on the Retro site.

Lydia Cornell has long been my favorite and she is as beautiful as she is intelligent.

I wish she were back on weekly television.

Please do more of these.

Delinda said...

Wonderful piece on sexy icon Lydia Cornell. My husband will be thrilled to see this. I cannot access the c-span video that was referenced. Could you please provide a workable link to the video?

Thank you- Delinda

CHRIS MANN said...

Hi Delinda,

Sorry for the delay in fixing the link to the video -- check out Lydia's Q&A at, then click on the C-Span image!