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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Good Dick": Jason Ritter's new indie film ... co-starring and written, directed and co-produced by Marianna Palka

As many of John Ritter's fans can attest, the versatile actor shocked audiences and critics alike with his sensitive, nuanced performance in the 1996 indie feature Sling Blade. His delicately layered portrayal of a gay shopkeeper drew long-overdue praise in film industry and media circles, which too often had overlooked his artistic talents thanks to his broadly comic role--and identity--as Three's Company's Jack Tripper. His Sling Blade character of Vaughan Cunningham was custom-written for John by his good friend and Hearts Afire co-star Billy Bob Thornton, who masterfully pulled off the daunting feat of writing, directing and starring in this beautiful, Oscar-winning film.

Last year, John's oldest son, actor Jason Ritter, got to show his dramatic range in his own critically-acclaimed indie film, Good Dick, co-starring and written, directed and co-produced by Jason's longtime girlfriend, actress Marianna Palka. This remarkable feature--an unconventional love story about a recluse (Palka) facing her biggest fears when courted by a smitten video clerk (Ritter)--screened last fall at select theaters and film festivals (including Sundance). It's now available on DVD and also screens this week at the Sonoma International Film Festival, held April 1-5 in Sonoma, California (

John left a great legacy as an actor and a person. He could not be prouder of his children, and Marianna has long been considered part of the Ritter family. He would undoubtedly be thrilled with this film and its story.

For more information, including trailers, photos and other media, check out the film's official web site at

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