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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Three's Company" Retroality.TV exclusive: Joyce DeWitt on her spiritual visits with late pal John Ritter & her naked differences with Suzanne Somers!

Check out my new Retroality.TV cover story with Joyce DeWitt, in which she shares about he spirituality, her final encounters with John Ritter, her experiences on NBC's hit "Behind the Camera" movie, and her ongoing differences with Suzanne Somers:

On John Ritter:
"John was all over the place (spiritually, after his death). He was. I felt him constantly the first six weeks. The first few days, I just stayed quiet in my room. I was just there, and he was there, too. So if anything it deepened my trust that there is this huge, amazing spirit of which we all are part, and that this is just the 'earth walk.' We’re just doing an experiment with that. We are just practicing, learning and growing, and honing our skills. But when we step out of that human form, we are all just one beautiful, lovely presence.

Given how close he felt at that time and how clear he would show up in my dreams … I've had conversations with myself about him. Then he would show up in a dream and answer it …That was the gift to me. He just deepened my absolute trust that there is a big, beautiful largeness that we all belong to."

On Suzanne Somers:
"I was out trying to pass the ERA while she was posing nude in a champagne glass. So that's fine for her to do or anyone to do, but it didn't give us a lot in common, (like) trying to build shelters for battered woman and their kids. I mean we just are very different people and (I believe) nobody gets off the wheel until we all get off the wheel.

I really do believe we have multiple lifetimes and that we all experience everything during this human experiment that returns back to the divine. Maybe I was so flippin’ selfish in my last lifetime that I can't bear to be selfish in this lifetime."

On NBC's Three's Company behind-the-scenes movie:

You know, when the movie that was being made—this was not my project or John's. This was a movie they were making and this was the story they were going to tell. And John and I talked about it and he was starting the new series and couldn't get involved. Basically, I called him and said, 'Johnathan, this is a bloodbath. If one of us doesn't get involved here, we are all going to want to leave town and change our names.' It fell me to do that.

It was the longest year of my life perhaps. I battled every day and all day, and all I attempted to do was to get them to stay honest. There's no exposé. I didn't tell anybody anything. What I kept demanding is that they stay true to the public statements that people had made and to the documents of the record. That nothing be in there that isn't already a matter of public record. That it follow a true line. So that everybody's circumstance is exposed. Now, the way the director directed it—which I was not privy to—I'm guessing that Suzanne was very hurt by the way it was directed. And so I personally fell to my knees on the floor and wept when I saw the rough cut. So based on what they were going to do and what they ultimately did do … the hard part of it was that they sent a rough cut to John. He called me the next morning and said, 'Baby, I love it. Because at least we were told the simple truth.'"

On the saying "Business is business":
"There used to be this thing where people would say, 'Business is business.' They would have a separate code of ethics for their personal life and their friends and their business life. I actually worked with somebody who gave me that more that once. I would say, 'That is such crap.'

It is a double standard and in any way is inappropriate. Everybody has to honored equally. I wouldn't treat a man any differently than I would treat a woman. Or a child any different than I would an adult. That kind of thinking is archaic. I think it's a part of what has brought our country to place that we find ourselves in and that we must now do a course correction. It is inappropriate, I think, to have that sort of double standard."

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