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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Wishful Drinking"'s Carrie Fisher on The Today Show: "I was invited to a mental hospital. And you don't want to be rude, right? So you go."

The brilliant Carrie Fisher spills on her Broadway show Wishful Drinking (officially opening Oct. 4), her tell-all book by the same name, "Hollywood in-breeding," being bipolar (and funny as hell!), her alcohol and drug addictions and knowing Michael Jackson. She offers this amazing bit of MJ insight: "A proper drug addict—not that I would know—takes drugs to feel altered. He just wanted out of the game."

If only my mentally ill friends and family members were one-tenth as cogent (and witty) as this chick. Help us, Carrie Fisher. You're our only hope!

I'm also excited to share that RetroalityTV was the very first entity Carrie began following on her new Twitter account. As a fan of her laugh-out-loud humor and live-out-loud candor—and, at age 5-7, one of the first proud owners of the official Princess Leia Organa action figure, Pez dispenser and bubble bath circa '77-'79—there is no higher honor.

Buy her book (now in paperback) and see her show!

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