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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paging Cheri "That Bitch" Oteri! Hailey Glassman Calling! Why SNL Desperately Needs to Rehire Its '90s Funnylady & Prove Tracy Morgan Wrong

Share-y O'Teary: The Insider's Hailey Glassman (left), SNL's Cheri Oteri 

Her former Saturday Night Live co-star Tracy Morgan may think she's a "bitch (who) can't even get arrested," but those of us who remember SNL's late-'90s renaissance know that Cheri Oteri can serve up one hell of a mug shot. And it's high time Lorne Michaels sentence her to making his iconic late-night sketch comedy series laugh-out-loud funny again.

Michaels should at least get her for a quick cameo. Only the delightfully twitchy Oteri could truly do justice to spoofing Jon Gosselin's 22-year-old "soul mate," Hailey Glassman. As the once-arrested party girl simultaneously wept, apologized, ranted, squirmed and tittered this week on the entertainment news show The Insider, Glassman unwittingly channeled the tragicomic essence of Oteri's spasmodic splendor. It made me all tingly for the days of yore when Oteri let it all hang out while portraying desperately dingy characters such as "Simmah down nah!"'s Nadeen, the Spartan cheerleader, talk show host Cass Van Rye and Collette Reardon, "Medicine Woman." (She also did bitchin' impressions of Judge Judy, Barbara Walters and Debbie Reynolds.)

Tracy Morgan, simmah down nah! Lorne Michaels, bringah back nah! Cheri Oteri, make us laugh nah!



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