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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sitcoms Online blog breaks upfront news , Retroality.TV "Rockford Files" exclusive

Our hard-working buddy Pavan Patel over at Sitcoms Online's excellent news blog has been crazy busy covering all the latest news from the network upfront presentations this week. And yet, despite working overtime to bring us pilot pickup and series cancellation and renewal news, he's kindly managed to give Retroality.TV some generous coverage this month.

Monday, he blogged about my exclusive L.A. Times interview with Stephen J. Cannell, who shared his thoughts recently about David Shore's pilot script for NBC's now-ditched Rockford Files re-imagining. Last Friday, I shared many of his unpublished comments from the Times interview in a blog posting below.

And earlier this month he blogged, Pavan brought his blog's ever-growing audience up to date on Retroality's May cover story (an exclusive Q&A with V creator Kenneth Johnson) and related features (including my upcoming Wellbella magazine cover story interview with Hot in Cleveland's fantastic Wendie Malick). In fact, Mr. Patel has always been a loyal friend to Retroality.TV (and to me!), and we thank him tremendously! He and his exhaustive news blog are inspirations to us here!

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Pavan Patel said...

Thanks so much for this, Chris!