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Friday, September 24, 2010

Audra Lindley would so be giving Betty White a run for her money at age 92!

Born 92 years ago today: the beautiful Audra Lindley. Decades before she rocked a red wig and a muu-muu as Three's Company's sex-starved landlady Helen Roper, she turned heads as a stand-in and a stuntwoman. And as an actress, this marvelous woman was a chameleon. Her body of work on stage, film and TV is as stunning as she was laugh-out-loud funny as Mrs. Roper. I'll never forget the time I got to spend with her--especially the screening we attended of Dangerous Minds (eat your heart out, Norman Fell)--and how deeply sad I was to hear we'd lost her. She was the bomb.

Some of the many faces of Audra Lindley:
As Liz Matthews in Another World

As Cybill Shepherd's mom in The Heartbreak Kid
As Meredith Baxter's mom in Bridget Loves Bernie.
With then-husband James Whitmore in the play The Magnificent Yankee.

With Deborah Winger in Cannery Row.

As Goldie Hawn's mother-in-law in Best Friends

In the lesbian-themed film Desert Hearts
As Lisa Kudrow's grandmother in Friends
In her final role, as Cybill Shepherd's mom (again) in Cybill
As America's sexiest landlady, once and forever.


DENo1MatchGameFan's Blog said...

"Three's Company" and "The Ropers" wouldn't have been the same without Audra - she was a funny lady that deserved more respect from ABC than she did when they broke their promise about returning her and Norman to "3's" if "The Ropers" didn't succeed!

You did an excellent job of covering Audra's life in your book on the show Chris, and I'm sure that lady gave you memories of a lifetime by letting her interview her for it! Too many sad days for you and that show my friend, but at least Audra's memory lives on in repeats, and on DVD!

CHRIS MANN said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Duane! Audra definitely gave me memories of a lifetime ... and, indeed, her memory lives on : )