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Friday, October 1, 2010

Exclusive preview! Goldberg at WrestleMania 27? "I'll wrestle anybody if they give me a six-month period of time to get ready," he tells Muscle & Body magazine's October issue

Vince McMahon, listen up: Now's the time to nab Bill Goldberg for April's Wrestlemania 27.

In my exclusive interview with the WWE icon-turned-reality TV staple (see NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, the Speed channel's Bullrun and DIY's Garage Mahal), Goldberg tells Muscle & Body magazine why he'd entertain a final encore in a business he left years ago--and what he'd need to do in the next six months to prepare to uphold his alter ego's awesome wrestling legacy.

On a personal note, I have to say WWE execs would be nuts not to roll out the red carpet for this guy. He knows how to work a crowd, he can get his fortysomething killer traps and delts camera-ready and, most importantly, he understands and respects pro wrestling's impact on kids. And I know my fellow Tulsa peeps would love to see one of our own kick ass and take names in the wrestling ring one last time.

Here are excerpts from Goldberg's Q&A in the magazine's October issue, on sale now at GNC stores nationwide:

Muscle & Body: There's been a lot of online buzz about you returning to the ring. What are the chances we'll see you at Wrestlemania 27 in April?
Bill Goldberg: Oh, man. It's funny how social media has exploded. Anything you say can and will be used against you there. What are the chances? Not really good. The last thing I'm thinking about is putting on my Speedos again and running around in front of millions of people. Is it something I'm looking to do? Not at all. If the perfect situation was to arise and financially and careerwise it was the right thing to do without tarnishing the legacy.... You never say never.

M&B: You know what it takes for you to be a camera-ready tough-man.
BG: As a psychology major, I know what it is that makes me tick, and I know what it's going to take to succeed in each endeavor. If I got it, I'm a realist about it; if I don't got it, then I'm not gonna try it. I'll wrestle anybody if they give me a six-month period of time to get ready. I'm not going to be Mr. Universe by any stretch of the imagination. But for 43 years old, I'd put myself up against anybody my age - I don't care who you are - in any endeavor. I've still got it mentally; I still have it physically. It just takes a lot more to get to that point.

M&B: How would a new Goldberg action figure be different to reflect who you are at 43? Would he be wearing a three-piece suit with boardroom superpowers?
BG: [Laughs] I just hope that they still have my body mold from back in the day, because I sure as hell won't let them use one of me today. I'm in a different time and different place now. I'd be wearing three different outfits at once - that'd be the character.

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