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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suzanne Somers turns free "Sex and the City 2" publicity into a "Breakthrough" cinematic event ... here's hoping she pays tribute to her "Three's Company" cast and crew mates felled by cancer
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Happy birthday to Suzanne Somers, who celebrates her premiere on planet earth today by announcing a "cinema event" on Nov. 4 and 9 called The Suzanne Somers Breakthrough Tour. This after receiving free and invaluable publicity a few months ago for her 2008 book Breakthrough in the Sex and the City 2 film. Whatever you think of Suzanne's controversial views on cancer treatment and other health matters, you've got to hand it to her: She still knows how to work it.

Ironically, and sadly, her Three's Company co-star Audra Lindley died 13 years ago today (on Suzanne's birthday) of leukemia at 79. Norman Fell and Don Knotts also died of cancer in 1998 and 2006, respectively. Three's Company's fantastic, Emmy-winning director, Dave Powers--who taught Suzanne how to work it as Chrissy Snow--sadly also succumbed to cancer in July 2008. And associate producer Wendy Blair, who also worked with Suzanne, passed from cancer in April 2009. Last but not least, the wonderful, talented Kim Weiskopf, a gentleman who co-wrote some of Suzanne's best lines during season 4 of Three's Company, tragically lost his 18-month battle with pancreatic cancer in April 2009. He was a young, hip 62--not too much younger than Suzanne is now (For more info about Kim's amazing life, see

Here's hoping Suzanne thinks of them, the inspiring lives they led and the courageous battles they waged during her tour. Perhaps she will donate proceeds from her tour to cancer charities in their names ... would be nice to see them get some free publicity, too, even if posthumously.

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DENo1MatchGameFan's Blog said...

Thanks for the interesting read Chris - I didn't realize that Dave Powers, Wendy Blair, Kim, and the rest had died over the past couple of years. You never know I guess!