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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Retroality.TV is Sitcoms Online's Click of the Week! (Chris Mann and Mannix ... together at last!!!)

A shout out to my friend Pavan, news & reviews director at SitcomsOnline, and his Digital Digest writer Skees, who kindly made my site Retroality.TV with Chris Mann their "Click of the Week"

Pavan's worked so hard to make Sitcoms Online and its news blog a big success, and I'm honored to have his support, particularly in a Kardashian-glutted, Bieber-ized, celebrity sound-bite-obsessed online media community that is not always supportive of growing enterprises trying to do something fun and different, let alone in-depth and informative. 

He broke the story about Suzanne Somers and Joyce's DeWitt's upcoming YouTube reunion days before other outlets rehashed Access Hollywood's PR-spun account. So please go to Sitcoms Online's site, subscribe to Pavan's blog, "like" Sitcoms Online's FB page, follow their/Pavan's tweets and otherwise support their endeavors! Thank you, Pavan!

1 comment:

Pavan Patel said...

You're awesome, Chris! Thanks for your kind words and no need for thanks! I know a good person and a good writer when I see one!