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Friday, March 2, 2012

Retroality's "Reimagine That!" podcast, episode 8! ............................................................ Chris Mann's special guest, "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" author Alison Arngrim (Pt. 2) on "Little House" relations, Nellie Oleson's world following, pioneering '80s AIDS activism ALSO healing dreams!

The ever-sharp and courageous Alison Arngrim spills on "Little House on the Prairie" titillation, triumphs and travails -- from Michael Landon going sans underwear in Wal-nut Grove (!) to Matthew Laborteaux's breakthrough experiences as a highly-functioning autistic child to pondering how challenging tragic Ingalls sister Mary to a free-spirited mudwrestling match might well have brought down an aloof, teenaged Melissa Sue Anderson's self-erected "wall." Alison also speaks out about Melissa Sue's memoir dish (diss?) on her TV Ma, Karen Grassle; offers fascinating insight into the colorful world of Miss Beadle's portrayer, Charlotte Stewart; reminisces on good times with TV's Half-Pint (and soon-to-be-"Dancing with the Stars" sweetheart), Melissa Gilbert; and, once and for all, answers the question that has plagued "Little House" lovers for years: Did Baby Carrie fall during the opening credits ... or was she PUSHED?!?

Alison also reveals how her late parents' Hollywood careers (Liberace and Casper and Sweet Polly Purebread, oh my!) influenced her reality at a young age that showbusiness was indeed a business. She then opens her heart about late TV husband Steve Tracy ("Percival") and how his struggle with and death from AIDS in 1986 propelled her to become a pioneer AIDS activist in an age of widespread fear and ignorance about the disease. And finally, the bicontinental bestselling "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" author previews her wordly tours in March through July from Europe to Walnut Grove and beyond.

In addition, Chris gives a roundup of retro TV star appearances this spring on "Dancing with the Stars" and "Celebrity Apprentice" and potentially next fall in a slew of hopeful new series (including Roseanne's proposed NBC sitcom "Downwardly Mobile"). He also touches on Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination and battery lawsuit against ABC and "Desperate Housewives" exec producer Marc Cherry. As her case finally goes to trial this week with rumors that her co-stars will testify against her, Chris compares Nicollete's fight with the storied battle that pitted Suzanne Somers against ABC and her "Three's Company" producers and co-stars -- and which led to Somers' decade-long industry blacklisting. (For the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Suzannegate, read Chris's acclaimed 1998 tell-all "Come and Knock on Our Door" -- and stay tuned this fall for his updated edition in connection with "Three's Company"'s 35th anniversary.)

Finally, our resident dream weaver, Yvonne Ryba, interprets a series of healing dreams.

Host: Chris Mann

Announcer: Linda Kay

Created by: Chris Mann

Producers: Linda Kay, Chris Mann

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