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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Retroality's "Reimagine That!" podcast, episode 12! ............................................................ Chris Mann's special guest, Greg Lott (Part 2 of 3), sounds off on Farrah Fawcett estate controversies, Ryan O'Neal and Alana Stewart ALSO: Texas-sized dreams, "Dallas" 2.0, young "Three's Company" fans

In the second of three parts, Greg Lott opens up exclusively to Retroality.TV about his secret love affair with the late Farrah Fawcett, whom he first romanced in the mid-1960s during their tenure at the University of Texas.

Here, Lott tells how he was cut out of the TV angel's life -- reportedly by Ryan O'Neal -- two and a half months before the iconic actress succumbed to cancer on June 25, 2009. He also opens up about his role in the UT's investigation into Fawcett's estate -- namely, O'Neal's possession of a highly valuable Andy Warhol portrait of the "Charlie's Angels" star that the UT contends Fawcett bequeathed to her alma mater upon her death. (The UT sued O'Neal last year, demanding he relinquish the artwork, which the "Love Story" star contends he owns. That case is headed to trial this fall.) Lott also reveals his thoughts about Fawcett's friend Alana Stewart and questions the origin of the Stewart-helmed charity The Farrah Fawcett Foundation, which is currrently under investigation by the California Attorney General's Office of Charitable Trust.

On a lighter note ... host Chris Mann discusses the multi-generational allure of the 1978-91 TV hit "Dallas" (revived this month on TNT) and -- thanks to a Jenilee Harrison segue -- marvels at the ongoing youth appeal of the 1977-84 classic series "Three's Company." As he prepares a special anniversary edition of his 1998 tell-all book "Come and Knock on Our Door" (due in late 2012 or, if 36th anniversaries count, 2013), Chris salutes the "next generation" of Company fans, including 14-year-old aspiring documentary filmmaker Isaiah Reaves, 23-year-old funnygal-slash-Chrissy Snow-spoofmeister Ashlee Anno and 30something radio producer/"Three's Company Throwdown" trivia king Andy Hermann. (In previous "Reimagine That!" episode(s)/Retroality.TV stories, we've mentioned Sitcoms Online news director and Jack's Bistro webmaster Pavan Patel, who broke news of Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt's recent YouTube reconciliation.)

Finally, our dream weaver Yvonne Ryba recounts her Texas-sized dreams of coming to America in the "Dallas"-rich early 1980s.

Host: Chris Mann

Announcer: Linda Kay

Created by: Chris Mann

Producers: Linda Kay, Chris Mann

Copyright 2012 by Chris Mann/Retroality.TV (http://Retroality.TV)

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