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Monday, March 2, 2009

Quit Yer Kitschin' -- now served daily-ish

Allow me to kitsch for a minute.

Launching the Retroality.TV webzine and Quit Yer Kitschin' blog simultaneously has been no easy feat -- especially when you're already working full-time in not-yet-totally-obsolete print media, you still think "Java script" is what the Folgers Crystals hidden camera-actors had to memorize, and you can't tell your RSS from your ASS. But overextending yourself in the name of Keeping Retro Relevant and Reality Irreverent (media branding is way more fun than HTML coding) is just one of those causes worth fighting for. Even if your arm gets all heart-attack tingly while trying to convince the blog-loving masses that Octomom was secretly inseminated by Dick Van Patten in an evil plot to revive an octoho-hate-filled celebreality version of "Eight is Enough."

Rant over. Feeling slowly returning to arm.

But can I really complain? I mean, at least I'm not Sharon Osbourne, who just got sued for rightfully putting some white trash Bret Michaels-flanking also-ran on in her place during a recent "Rock of Love" reunion show. And at least I'm not French-Italian "Sex and the City" manicotti-wielder Gilles Marini, who just told E! Online that he pulled a groin (!) during his marathon "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsals. Not that I wouldn't want to be Gilles Marini (a very nice guy, by the way), what with his perfect looks, suave disposition, cool accent and all. But really, who wants a pulled groin? In this day and age, can that lead to anything besides 14 babies and "Entertainment Tonight" buying what's left of your soul?

Okay, so maybe I can complain. And I will here a little. That's what "Kitschin'" is all about. That, and sharing retro and reality news, sightings and musings here and there.

On that note, I'm excited to share that Retroality.TV has all sorts o' fun stuff coming this spring. For starters, in observance of John Ritter's star-making sitcom's 32nd anniversary, March is "Three's Company" month here. We'll have exclusive interviews with series star Joyce "Janet" DeWitt and Jack's Bistro web news blogger-to-the-stars Pavan Patel. And we'll feature a Q&A with "Three's Company" expert and WGN radio producer Andy Hermann (whose TC "Throwdowns" rock the retro trivia world semi-regularly) and pop culture radio celeb Nick Digilio, who hosts his eponymous, Andy Hermann-produced hit WGN radio show.

And we've got some great game show exclusives coming this spring to Retroality (more on this in coming weeks), along with pop culture news, tongue-in-cheek reviews, "As Zine On" Q&As with some of celebreality's vintage all-stars, and other assorted multimedia retrojoy.

So link us, ping us, bookmark us, blogroll us, e-mail us -- we appreciate every keystroke you take to share Retroality with the rest of the e-world. Just don't pull a groin or punch out some Bret Michaels floozie. Leave the heavy lifting to the celebs and join us as we sit on our RSS and kitsch over a nice cup of Java script.

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