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Saturday, January 23, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Sued By Farrah Estate Slams Ryan O'Neal & Alana Stewart |

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Sued By Farrah Estate Slams Ryan O'Neal & Alana Stewart |
Read Farrah's Story producer Craig Nevius' side of the story in Retroality.TV's exclusive, explosive interview with him from last fall: . Nevius pretty much lays out his case against O'Neal and Stewart in this in-depth Q&A, which also reveals his past connection to Kate Jackson. Fawcett's longtime friend and confidant, Jackson—who criticized Nevius' original suit last spring—is now coming to the producer's defense. "He had an unflagging devotion to Farrah in every way and he worked with her to help her achieve her vision, not his vision and not anybody else's vision," Jackson told the AP on Friday.

Nevius' entire statement in response to the estate's suit against him:

"These accusations are nothing more than a fabricated press release disguised as a lawsuit. As much as I would like to answer the allegations and disprove them right here and right now in the court of public opinion, I will wait to do so in a court of law. Out of respect to Farrah, I limited the focus of my lawsuit against Richard Francis, Ryan O'Neal and Alana Stewart to issues of contract interference. But it now seems that at least one of the defendants wants to widen the scope of litigation to issues of artistic integrity and the personal relationships between parties. If that is the case, I will be happy to let the work Farrah and I did together (over years) speak for itself. And I will be more than happy to let the video tapes, documents, witnesses and Farrah's own words (both written and spoken) speak for me and defend me, finally removing all doubt and suspicion as to what actually happened during the final months of her life and who her real exploiters are.  This is a fight Francis, O'Neal and Stewart cannot win."


Roselvr said...

Craig, hang in there.

The amount of class you have amazes me. How easy it would be to blast everyone; but you do not.

Roselvr said...

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