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Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Farrah: OWN star O'Neal says he owns Fawcett's missing $30M Warhol

Ryan O'Neal is ready to defend himself in the case of the missing $30M Warhol, according to a new report on Radar Online. A rep for the star of the OWN cable network's The O'Neals -- which airs Sundays after the Duchess of York's docu-reality series Finding Sarah -- tells the website: “Ryan will clear his name. The University Of Texas is fully aware of the whereabouts of the painting. If he had stolen it do you really think it would be openly displayed in public like that?"

Astute viewers found Farrah on Ryan's bedroom wall during the premiere of The O'Neals. ABC News reported that an investigation was underway to determine why the actor appeared to possess the original artwork when Fawcett willed all of her art to her alma mater, the University of Texas. Helping with the investigation: Farrah's Story executive producer Craig Nevius, who in May 2009 sued O'Neal for seizing control of the NBC documentary he was spearheading with the ailing actress. 

"I told the university, 'Be patient and wait, because this man is so arrogant, he's going to show'" his possession of the artwork, Nevius told ABC last week. 

Fawcett friend Alana Stewart -- who was promoted to producer of the NBC special while O'Neal wrestled control away from Nevius -- told The Insider last week that O'Neal has been paying insurance on the Warhol and thus owned it.

An unnamed insider tells Radar Online, “Some people are trying to make mischief on the second anniversary of Farah’s death, which is really sad."

Last week we reported a united front of impassioned Fawcett devotees began a hard-hitting Facebook group called Farrah Fawcett: We Want the Truth. Supporters of O'Neal, Stewart and other Farrah's Story and/or Fawcett estate insiders singled out in suspicion by the FB group have lashed back at the fervent fans in anonymous postings on this blog.


Anonymous said...

He's a snake in the grass and needs to be investigated for financail exploitation since he claim's that he had "Power of Attorney of Farrah's will, and gifting himself a 30million dollar painting.

Anonymous said...

Richard Francs, Ryan and old Maid Alana should be behind bars, for robbing from Farrah while she was incapacitated state.